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What is the Sanakey

You already know the devastating impact chronic pain has on daily life. But you might not know about the Sanakey. It's a state-of-the-art pain management device developed by Germany's most sophisticated minds. The Sanakey uses advanced methods to manage pain. This non-invasive treatment stimulates healing processes with electronic pulses. The pulses are high-amplitude and feedback-controlled. When applied to your skin, the Sanakey activates the body's built-in defences. This promotes pain relief and activates your body's self-regulating mechanisms.


Sanakey Home Use

Sanakey is a home use device which gives my clients an opportunity to use this device for maintaining pain relief after initial treatments with the Physiokey.

You can buy the Sanakey direct by clicking on


Please fill in the application on the site including my details. I will give training on the device so you can get the best out of your treatment and time. The purchase price includes my training and ongoing use of the machine.

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