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My Background

I was brought up in Surrey and started up a very successful nursery called Penguins in the Park in Wimbledon.  The children and I loved the creativity, enjoyment and fun. I ran themed birthday parties, art, crafts and drama groups. I especially loved this process which helped me get to know the children and their parents. I knew I had a special relationship with them all which carried me into a new direction of massage and complementary treatments. It gave me a natural progression into my new venture.

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My Approach

I offer individualised treatments for my clients. I have learnt that the location of the pain in not necessarily the best place to start. My experience has shown me that lots of factors need to be taken into account and that's why I offer a free consultation to work out the best treatment plan. My treatments include SCENAR, Low Level Laser, MFR, Hot stone fusion. Constant feedback from the client is crucial to assist me in future treatments.


For additional support for the health and well being of my clients, I provide nutritional advice, magnetic products, clean water systems and infra red saunas.

My Qualifications

SCENAR TRAINING - Petersfield, Chigwell, Newbury Park, Enfield

Degree Name: Practitioner

Field Of Study: General, sports, animals and women’s health

Grade: Pass

Dates attended:  2003 – 2017


One of the first trained practitioners in SCENAR in the U.K. in 2003 and trained with many different people including Sasha Revenko who was the cofounder of SCENAR. This was the first biofeedback device invented to keep the cosmonauts healthy whilst in space.

Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training

Degree Name: ACMT Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist

Field Of Study: Pain relief massage

Grade: Merit

Dates attended: 2008 – 2012


Specialist massage technique in pain relief and range of movement. Hot stone fusion, MFR direct and indirect fascial techniques. Advanced anatomy and physiology. Advance stretching and rehabilitation


Emmett Technique UK

Degree Name: Advanced Emmett Practitioner

Field Of Study: Pain relief and range of movement


Dates attended: 2014 – 2016


Modules 1-6, Advanced EP1-5
Module 1-5 for dogs
Women’s health training


N H Massage

Degree Name: Advanced Practitioner

Field Of Study: No Hands Massage

Grade: Pass

Dates attended: 2002 – 2008


Advanced massage skills using forearms as a catalyst for pain relief, range of movement and posture correction


The Practitioners School of Reflexology - West Middlesex Hospital

Degree Name: Practitioners Reflexology Course

Field Of Study: Reflexology

Grade: Merit

Dates attended: 2000 – 2001


Theory and practical in reflexology

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