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Best ten ways to reduce or eliminate pain and start smiling again

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

There comes a time when you are in a pain for so long that you don't realise how it affects your outlook on life until that pain goes away. You can't believe how you you put up with it for so long which is exactly what happened to a friend of mine who had osteoarthritis in his left hip. He was in constant pain dragging his left leg for 18 months until he had his hip replacement.

Its was straight after his surgery that he realised this fact and that's why he now uses my services to make sure that any mild pain that periodically arises is dealt with immediately.

I use combination of the SCENAR and Emmett technique on him

My top ten treatments for pain relief is not necessarily in any order of success but depends on the individual and their way of working. I decide on a combination of treatments for each individual from my past experience and also my intuition.


2. Hot Stone Fusion

3. Emmett Technique

4. Infrared Sauna

5. Meditation

6. Reiki Healing

7. Electric Massager

8. Clinical Massage MFR

9. Magnetix Wellness

10. Tsuboki Japanese Facial Massage

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